Pakistan Poultry Dairy & LiveStock


Share of Poultry, Dairy and Livestock in the Socio Economic Development:


       According to economic survey of Pakistan 2013-14, its contribution to agriculture value added is approximately 55.9 % and to national GDP is 13%.

       Nearly 8 million families involved in livestock raising deriving more than 35% income from livestock production activities.

        Livestock sector has an important role towards the development of rural economy and its importance may well be recognized from the fact that 35-40 million rural populations are dependent on livestock

       Poultry contributes 40% of meat produced in Pakistan

       Poultry sector is an important and vibrant segment of agriculture in Pakistan with a significant contribution to the national GDP (1.3%)

       In the last few years, the poultry sector has shown excellent growth and has emerged as a source of employment for more than 1.5 million people (GOP, 2014)



 Future prospects for Poultry, Dairy and Livestock Industry: Pakistan Poultry,Dairy And Livestock gateway to the Prosperous Future

       With the advancement of CPEC, Pakistan will be having a massive economic boost within the next few years, which will give rise to a maximized export percentage.

       According to the Governor of Punjab the demand for livestock and dairy products would increase with the completion of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

       Poultry sector has an annual growth rate of 15 – 20 %.



 Pakistan Poultry,Dairy And Livestock gateway to the Prosperous Future:

       Pakistan poultry dairy and livestock expo will be marked as a major breakthrough in providing an exhibiting platform to the local dairy farms, delis and companies producing the by-products including cheese, butter, yogurt, frozen meet items.

       This expo will be helpful in creating avenues for them in the International Market.

       It is an ideal event to engage with local and international exhibitors.

       It  will provide a gateway to enter into the foreign and local investment insights of the dairy business.

       It will provide you to meet the business groundbreakers of the population and to find local partners.

       Pakistan’s industry can catch up in huge leaps by going from the baseline of 6% to at least 25% by 2025.

       An ideal event for Pakistani and international businesses to explore opportunities into Pakistan’s dairy industry.

       Pakistan poultry dairy, livestock expo believes that by working together you can play an important role in enabling the dairy industry to reach its maximum potential